New and Improved

Posted in Misc on May 17th, 2010 by admin – Be the first to comment

New and Improved!The idea of something being new and improved always humors me. It’s a fun little marketing tool that is all too commonly slapped on the side of a TV dinner to indicate it will better than the last time we mistake of buying and consuming it.

So what does this have to do with me, this web site or databases for that matter? My original attempt I now chock up to an experiment now almost three years ago at WordPress. When I began my original quest it was simply to share information I had trouble finding elsewhere. Still a great idea and why I am trying again but, needless to say, after a few short posts I found time and motivation to be fleeting.

So here I am again, this time trying a different approach and with new motivation. I have officially been in the database profession for five years now and with over 10 years of IT and database experience. I have had the opportunity to mentor teammates and others outside of my organization. What I have found is that as quickly as I pick up new bits of knowledge I also like to share it with others just as quickly.

Beyond that, new social tools like Twitter have given additional me outlets to help share and openly communicate. On Twitter (@speedracer) I have found many active SQL Server experts that openly and freely share their ideas, perspectives and humor (@andyleonard, @brento, @brianknight, @buckwoody, @paulrandal and @midnightdba to name a few). A growing community that is always willing to help and grow others to do the same. On top of that the community at PASS continues to grow and encourages more and more participation and even free local event like SQL Saturday. Now as I look forward at my own professional development, I realize that as much as I like technology I also would like to share more myself and give back to the SQL Server and IT ecosystems that have made me the professional I am today.

With that I would like to say welcome to the New and Improved I hope you enjoy it, maybe even learn something and please feel free to leave comments or questions to anything!